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The Mission of The Streets of Franklin Heritage Association is to preserve and enhance the commerce, culture, and environment within the Franklin Community. Our purpose is to stimulate and support economic growth in Franklin, NC. The Association encourages a positive image of downtown and promotes it as an exciting place to live, shop, and invest. This is accomplished by sustaining & improving the appearance of downtown and by strengthening & expanding the economic base of the Franklin Streets.

Supporting Our Members

The Streets of Franklin Heritage Assocation is a merchant organization in Franklin, North Carolina, that supports the economic growth of the historic downtown area.

Hometown Heritage Day • Saturday, July 15, 2023

9th Annual Event!

Our Hometown Heritage event is SOFHA's biggest festival of the year and brings people from all over the US. We have a sound stage, live music, folks demonstrating hometown heritage, quilters and much more!


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Supporting Our Members


Small Business Owners in Franklin and across the United States are feeling the financial effects as our Nation continues to battle Covid-19. As our local economy slowly reopens, measures are in place throughout Downtown Franklin, NC, to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Many locally owned businesses are struggling to make ends meet as customers have disappeared but bills and wages have not.

The Streets of Franklin Heritage Association encourages you to support our local business community during these unprecedented times. Here are few ways you can help:

- Buy Gift Cards or Gift Certificates from local merchants
- Order take-out and when you pick up your food or have it delivered, TIP BIG
- Use Social Media to share our small business owner's posts

Meet Our Members

Meet the members of the Streets of Franklin Heritage Association in Franklin, North Carolina. Click on the logos below to be redirected to websites or social media pages.

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